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A New online resource center and Investigating group.

The Australian Paranormal Society ( A.P.S ) - founded and coordinated by Allison Andrews ( Investigator and Researcher for the Australian TV series "Haunted Australia") - is a professional team of paranormal investigators who are located in Melbourne, Australia.

The A.P.S - is a 'not-for-profit' organization - that consists of a professional team of individuals 'with varying skills and a broad range of expertise' who are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena worldwide - and we provide a 'free onsite assessment' for residential and commercial customers

We approach each reported incident with sensitivity , fully respecting the person's worldview and religious beliefs , while maintaining full confidentiality. Any evidence gathered on location will remain private and confidential and any public disclosure would remain at the full discretion of the client.

An A.P.S. requirement of any investigation is that a full 'debrief' and feed-back session will be scheduled with the client to whom all findings will be made public.

The A.P.S will initially consider various rational explanations for alleged 'paranormal phenomena' and will continue to assist our clients until a satisfactory conclusion about any phenomena is reached.

All investigations proceed with no preconceived assumptions and will remain unbiased by allowing any evidence uncovered to guide the direction of the investigation.

Occupational Health and Safety issues affecting the A.P.S team are critical during any investigation. If for any reason members of the A.P.S feel the investigation should cease for personal or safety reasons, the investigation will be postponed or terminated.

Through their investigations the A.P.S hope to gain a more concise understanding about the nature of unexplained phenomena through extensive data collection, experimentation and empirical documentation.

The Australian Paranormal Society does not encourage nor will it condone trespassing at any time and it will only investigate a location if proper permission has been granted by the appropriate authorities.

The A.P.S aim is two-fold: to create a team of 'dedicated paranormal researchers' as well as an extensive online resource center that will cater for varying levels of interest and understanding.

Our mission is to extensively investigate and empirically document all types of 'unexplained phenomena' within Australia, utilizing the most advanced equipment and methodologies.

Please stop by the http://myspace.com/ipaa2009 and join!

It's a program for wonderful people like you dedicated to the world of the Paranormal and dedicated and sincere research!!


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