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We are a paranormal investigation & research team located in Louisiana.

We are a paranormal investigation & research team. Our main branch is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but we have branches throughout the state. All our members are volunteers. We do not charge for our services. We are regular people with normal jobs. We are lawyers, firefighters, photographers, counselors, drivers, travel agents, etc. We provide this service on our own time, it is not in any way affiliated with our day jobs. However skills gained through and for our jobs often come in handy for investigations.

We operate with respect for our clients privacy, within the law and with safety as a priority. We take a neutral scientific approach to our investigations. Meaning that we do not make any judgments on whether a place has paranormal activity or not until after we have reviewed all evidence. We are not a cult, we do not conduct seances, condone or use ouija boards, or claim to speak to the dead. We use equipment such as digital recorders, ambient thermometers, emf meters, digital cameras, IR cameras, video cameras etc. to capture potential paranormal evidence.

Currently we only conduct investigations in the Louisiana area. Therefore you must live in Louisiana in order for us to investigate your location. If for some reason we cannot take your case, even if you live in Louisiana, we will refer you to a trustworthy local team. If you live outside Louisiana we will gladly refer you to a reputable team in your area, if available. For more information or to request an investigation please visit our website www.soul-online.org.

Website & Preview: http://www.soul-online.org

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Please stop by the http://myspace.com/ipaa2009 and join!

It's a program for wonderful people like you dedicated to the world of the Paranormal and dedicated and sincere research!!


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