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"One of the most Haunted places we ever been too".....
".....one of the most intense experiences we've ever had".
Linda Zimmermann, Author,Ghost Investigator

*Similar to Vegas, activity can be experienced 24 hours a day.
Awaken your entire senses at the break of dawn to the aroma of
Emma's (in spirit) southern home cooked meals, the chatter of
voices in preparation for an eventful day, James Shanley (in spirit)
whistling in the hallways, opening and closing of doors, footsteps up
and down the stairs, the piano (in spirit) playing ragtime, followed
by the merriment of children playing.
*Through out the day and evenings, rocking chairs can be seen
rocking on their own, mysterious clocks chime, cold and hot spots
felt, along with unfamiliar smells. Some have seen an aberration
and feelings of being watched and followed. Many guest have
witnessed objects balancing in an unusual position or jewelry being
pulled off. Seemingly "the good old boys" have a great sense of
humor! Listen in silence; one can hear dance music, the chatter of
voices, laughter or encounter hair raising moans.
*The Shanley Hotel consists of 35 rooms, hidden basements, secret
pathways and the seductive "Bordello". Upon entering the Bordello,
people have reported feeling light-headed, shortness of breath,
heaviness and an over-whelming feeling of joy/sadness. A photo has
been also taken of a 'Young Lady' star-gazing towards the mountains
from a window. Therefore, the 'Bordello' is considered the most
active place in the Hotel!
* Rumors of mysterious cover-up deaths, murders and
secrets are slowly revealed from the spirits whose
stories want to be told...the good times and the bad.

(*footnotes) Have been documented with EVP's, photos, well-known
psychics, paranormal investigators and news articles.

Website & Preview: http://www.shanleyhotel.com

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